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6*2-4 Zaki Al Obaidi I introduce my self, M. Zaki Al Obaidi.Art Gallery Owner, resident of the United Arab Emirates, live in Dubai. representative of group of Iraqi artists, as they just left, THE DARKNESS OF THE TUNNEL, they plan to tour the world, in which only few months ago they where not even allowed to breath or dream or even think. Right now they try to bring their dreams to come true. as Life always been fascinated by the artists creativities ,and their great imaginations and talents. those creators of concepts, and inspiration. ARTISTS OF THE WORLD. needs our support. AT this moment of their escape from that nightmare of that dark Tunnel,they plan to tour the world with their art for the first time in 35 years of blindness and handcuffed, to start their journey of freedom, as they just get it back, let us join them and help them to join us. to make the run of the world nations marathon, for a better life. and,exchanges of ideas and views with the world artists, to love and to be loved,with no fear from the unknown evil visitors ! their determination !is to tour the world and show peoples nations their art. Sir Due to many difficulties facing the artists, financial matters and visas and languages problems, artists will not be able to travel along with their exhibition, but, I will to be traveling along with their art work to represent them and to be the exhibition coordinator with organizers,hold interviews with media,and other matters concern any information's or clarifications regarding the concept of the exhibition. Exhibition message. Is.....................

A MESSAGE OF LOVE FROM THE IRAQI ARTISTS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD NATIONS Rout of the exhibition ----------------------------------
France, Germany, Norway ,south Africa. and U.S.A. Canada,, its planed to hold an auction, in which the artists will offer tow oil paintings of their work in each of every stop of the exhibitions, fund will go to one of the humanitarian organizations such as, cancer research, UNICEF, aids<HIV> research etc. or any other organizations of your recommendation. you are kindly requested to give us your opinion as soon as possible, abut this cooperation and possibilities to work together to hold exclusive exhibition for the group in your respected gallery or events, or even an art festival,surly art lovers in your country will benefit the new experience of art from different cultures and country, and will meet the Iraqi artists through their window of art,and surly we will all benefit the involvement of the media, as this exhibition unlike others,due to the exhibition been Iraqi artists.specially at this time,after the fall of Saddam. Sir brief information about their work ------------------------------------------------
Artists will be presenting some very creative unique technique, featuring and viewing their art ! will smoothly transferred you to the ancient time of the old Assyrian, Babylonians civilizations, with its one of the 7 wonders of the world THE HANGING GARDENS. through their art works, you will be able to walk by the wall of Babylon, you cansee,and read and feel carved symbols on each of every brick of the wall in their work, as it was 3000 years B.C, you almost will be clouse to hear and see the winged lion of Babylon,they will take you to climb the stair way to the temple of Hamurabi the greatest ruler of the Babylon empire, you will smell history they made evry touches in their work look as old as mosibitamia time, you will be left alone to force yours site through the dust of time. You will have the chance to view the human headed bull with its broken wing, you will be carried out to the Adam and EVE time,and see the apple picket off the tree,at that very moment of the creation of the universe and the birth of destinies from the uterus of time. you will be cared away to explore the mystery of times! their imaginations and inspirations can take you to the beginning of history, one stroke of their brush ,you will realize how unpredictable, unreachable that destinations of art! and how generous, endless creativity it can give?artists will remind every one that they belong to that first civilization of those who where the creators of the first method of writing in the history of man kind.which you will see in their works,yet they are trying to give more , surely your support will give them a great encouragements and hops. Those magnificent. talented artists with their beautiful unique work, managed to bring time back of the so deep history in to our visions. yet, THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT ! Style of work -------------------- mixed. one -- tow --three-dimensions unique style, inspired from the old history of Iraq , the oldest civilizations of the world <Mesopotamia> other work reflect and represent expressions of the bad life experienced in surrealism style ,during the the past 35 years , each artist in his own way of expression,all art works belongs to several schools of arts of, impressionism, naives, expressionism ,contemporary.and modern art, please let us know if you willing to study our proposition ,lat us knw if you need some pictures of the artists work to be send to you by E.Mail.so you can have an idea. please note, we are ready to full fill obligations of your term and condition of the gallery or events. Kind Regards. zaki@dubaiartshop.com
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